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It's All About Passion,
Imagination, and Creativity
Everyone goes to the salon with the intent to come out looking good and feeling good. The people charged with that responsibility bare their souls every time they take scissors to hair or colour to cuticle. Celebrating the trust and conversation that comes out of this unique exchange within the salon is what MANEreviews.com is all about.

 MANEreviews is the culmination of a 10 year journey attempting to realize a vision committed to bringing the passion, creativity, imagination, and talent of hairstylists and colour technicians to the public at large. So often today, the customer sitting in her chair at the salon she's dedicated to, knows little or nothing of the competitions, profile, and travel in the world of hair that the person attending to her and whom she considers a confidant, is undertaking, nor the reputation that person has garnered among their peers.

  MANEreviews is committed to heralding the brilliance and the passion of the people in hair and beauty to as broad a public audience as possible.

  It is time for all of us to revel in the sheer imagination and creativity of a fashion industry segment dwarfed by its clothing cousin and yet arguably the more unbridled and inspired of the two, yet least known by the public at large.

  The overarching  purpose of MANEreviews is to grow the reach/awareness and enrich the financial outcome of each salon and stylist in their own trading zones while at the same time consolidate everything there is to know about hair into one central source, attracting age defined consumers of hair products and hair services.   


MANEreviews is a destination site carrying all the reviews, ratings, articles and information that you’d expect. For the public, MANEreviews is committed to uncovering and sharing hair & beauty information not generally found elsewhere., like what salons carry what product lines. Also included are professional reviews on products, inside views on DIY videos, tips, tricks, and trends to empower your day in and day out.

For those in the industry, MANEreviews goes to great lengths to focus on the practitioners of the industry by providing business development information, tools, webinars, lessons, special offers, and anything that contributes to greater success, revenue and profit for salon, owner, and staff alike. The  MANEreviews 4 Course MANE Menu Marketing Program  is designed to address the needs of every salon while providing the flexibility to "dine" from the menu as best befits each individual salon.


MANEreviews.com sits on a proprietary technical platform constructed to provide search and navigation results intuitively presented to any device preferred by those interacting with its information.

The people behind MANEreviews represent a collection of dedicated, socially minded, energetic, and experienced people with passion and backgrounds in salon operation and ownership, hairstyling, manufacturing, and marketing. Not to mention their engagement with the arts, cultural diversity and wide array of interests as well.