MANEreviews' Personalized Product Program for Hair Salons - personal, informative, delivered to the door

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How WE can help YOU?

(with retail sales)
Personalized Product Program
Taking Care of Your Clients' Hair
to the next level
(after they leave the salon)
Here's the idea...who knows your clients' hair better than you and your team.
Is it a benefit to your client to know what products will benefit them
and their hair best and why? Of course it is!
Welcome to MANEreviews "Personalized Product Program" and how your
hair salon clients can expect to receive offers and information specifically for them.
Step 1.  The List
  • we take your previous week's appointments
  • we identify products to promote suitable to those appointments with your approval
Step 2.  The Content
  • under your salon's logo and branding we message your clients introducing them to the "Personalized Product Program" and its design specifically for them
  • we follow up that message with a profile on the products that have been selected for them
  • we "inform & educate" your clients on why these products are best suited to them, how best to use them, and what benefits they can expect to see
Step 3.  The Method
  • we use text and email to communicate the messaging
  • included in the messaging is the option to make an online purchase with no obligation
  • orders received are then fulfilled and delivered to the client's door
  • a commission is paid to you directly resulting from any purchasing
Step 4.  The Benefit
  • we take the "selling" out of "informing & educating" your clients on the products they should be using and should be buying from you
  • your clients learn about the products best suited to them and how best to use them
  • your clients learn the difference between "professional" products and those "over the counter"
  • your clients' appreciation of you for your knowledge and experience grows as a result
  • the likelihood of your clients buying more product in your salon increases as well
  • without having to do anything, you develop online retail sales 
Step 5.  The Result
  • you receive revenue for retail that you had little to do to make happen
  • you need not carry any inventory while being able to offer virtually any product 
  • you need not "sell" anything while having your clients "informed & educated"
  • a better informed client spends more and tends to be more loyal
  • this program empowers you to be in touch with your client between appointments
  • the whole program is virtually "no fuss, no muss" for you 
Your friends at MANEreviews!

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