MANEreviews Marketing Services for Hair Salons and Suites

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How can WE help YOU?

Are you looking for help with social media? Your digital marketing?
Looking to showcase your work and reach a bigger audience?
We support you with what is most important to you and
work together to get you the best results.
Our 3 step subscription marketing program is proven to 

help hair salon and suite owners, such as yourself, significantly improve your foot traffic

 and salon revenue for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

MANEreviews All - In - One Marketing Subscription Plan
Step 1. Social Media Assistance
     We help you plan, create and execute content all across your social media channels!
  • weekly posts
  • regular review of what is working
  • outreach for more followers, more views, more engagement
Step 2. Digital Marketing Assistance
     We help you with getting the most out of your Google Business account, your website,
     other digital platforms like, Bing and Apple maps
  • weekly posts 
  • image uploads
  • review requests
  • new content
Step 3. Client Communication Assistance
     We help you with staying in touch with your clients. Making sure you remain top of mind.
  • all communications in your voice and style
  • regular review requests
  • "inform and educate" - a program that teaches your clients about the products you use and why they should to (where appropriate)
  • email and text campaigns 
** Our clients feel the greatest value of this program is the personal consultation
and accessibility to our team's industry experts able to answer and guide you
in every aspect of growing one's hair salon business.
All for a monthly subscription of $70 (Suites) $350 (Salons)
Your friends at MANEreviews!

(416) 726-7435