MANEreviews 3 Tiered Increased Revenue Solution

Grow Your Business | 3 Tiers To Choose From | All Are Guaranteed | 
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How WE can help YOU?

At MANEreviews we take a holistic approach to helping you grow
your business. We start with getting you new customers and follow that 
with more revenue by developing your retail sales. We then top off those
two efforts with social and digital marketing expertise to ensure new customers
and retail revenue keep increasing.
* More customers from our Consumer Lead Generation Program *
* More retail sales from our Personalized Product Program *
* More marketing from our Social & Digital Subscription Program *

Option 1. Consumer Lead Generation Program

We help you by doing what we do best to deliver new customers to you
  • there is no obligation on your part nor anything you need to do
  • we use all the resources at our fingertips to identify and qualify new appointments for you
  • once the appointment is confirmed and booked we take a small commission for the 1st appointment only
  • and then we do it all over again for the next new customer
  •  read more to learn about this program 

Option 2. Personalized Product Program

We help you by informing and educating your clients on the products you use and why they will benefit from using them at home between appointments
  • with your salon's branding we communicate with your clients through text and email
  • selected products are offered and made available over e-commerce with no client obligation
  • any products selected for purchase are processed and delivered to your client's door
  • you receive a commission for every item purchased by your clients
  • for you the salon.... no inventory needed, nor additional administration or processing

Option 3. MANEreviews All - In - One Marketing Subscription Plan

Our 3 step subscription marketing program is proven to help hair salon and suite owners, such as yourself, significantly improve your foot traffic and salon revenue for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself
  • Social Media assistance including weekly posts and an out reach program
  • Digital Marketing assistance to get the most from Google Business, your website, Bing and Apple Maps
  • Client Communication assistance to help stay in touch with your clients so that you remain top of mind
  • read more to learn about this program
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