Should I Expect Differences In Hair Styling Services From A Franchised Hair Salon Over An Independently Owned Hair Salon

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Is There Really A Difference

If A Salon is Privately Owned Or Franchised

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Have you ever wondered whether the staff and the quality of service differs between a salon that is part of a franchise over one that is independent and owner operated? What follows are some points to consider as you go about making your hair salon search and your ultimate decision.

Franchised salons are part of a larger chain of salons, and as such, they often have standardized operating procedures, training programs, and product lines. This can make for a consistent experience across the different locations, but it can also mean that franchise hair stylists may have less flexibility to tailor their services to individual clients' needs.

Independently owned salons, on the other hand, may have more freedom to create their own unique atmosphere, offer a wider range of services, and work with a wider range of products. This can result in a more personalized experience for clients, but it can also mean that the quality of services may vary more from hairstylist to hairstylist.

Ultimately, the quality of hair services at any salon location depends on the skill and experience of the individual hairstylist, as well as the products and equipment they use. It's always a good idea to research and read reviews of a salon before booking an appointment to ensure you find a hairstylist that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Another consideration as part of your fact finding is determining whether the hair service you'll be receiving will be with with a "dualist" or a specialist. A dualist is generally a hairstylist that is proficient in both cutting, styling, and coloring your hair. Whereas many salons are staffed with specialists meaning that in addition to assistants, you may have one person cut and style your hair while another handles the coloring of your hair. Specialists may mean greater attention is needed by the salon to make sure the right staff are on hand at the right time and may contribute to your appointment needing a little more time to complete, not too mention less flexibility should you be late for your appointed time.  
The time you take to determine your needs from the salon you eventually select may help you significantly in finding your next hair salon home the first time. The name of the game is finding a hair stylist and finding a hair salon that is near you and right for you.

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