CEO's Message To Hair and Beauty Professionals


Hey There!

My name is Martin.
As a former Publisher and Associate Publisher of print and online magazines like TIME Canada and Toronto Life, my hair career began with a publishing contract with Canadian Hairdresser when it was under the helm of Joan Harrison. Thus began my fascination with the creativity, imagination, and dedication of the professionals in the industry. It struck me how little the consumer was aware of the true talent of these hair stylists and the effort extended to make every client their most beautiful.
So early on the opportunity became apparent for growth in this largely underserved market. It seems to be an industry not clear on how to extract true value and revenue potential while performing at extraordinary levels to make clients feel good about themselves. So with risk, I set out to guide this thinking. Launching in 2018, I founded 
My goal has always been to free up professionals like you to focus on why you joined the industry rather than taking time away from the services that you enjoy performing. My team, made up of the best beauty and marketing minds with years of experience in business operations, and marketing services, removes the rigors that hair professionals may experience when developing a marketing or social media strategy, or, searching for ways to lower operating costs and increase margins.
I have developed a carefully crafted three tiered approach to deliver dream clients, retail revenue, and an all in one marketing subscription program. Together we've learned that doing this has grown the business of every one of our clients.  We are so sure of this that we have layered in a 100% money back guarantee within the first six months of working with us.
I believe magic happens when each of you connect with your clients and they to you, in a hassle free way. I hope you enjoy taking a stroll around our website. You'll discover many ideas and ways to draw your clients closer to you - and attract new ones as well.
Giving you the human emotion that matters in marketing, 
Yours sincerely,

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