Chris White of Hair God at Sola Salon Studios

John Doucette
discusses with Chris White
the importance, value, and benefit
of effective client consultations
John Doucette, Development Executive with, spends a fair amount of time (30 minutes) with Chris White of Hair God at Sola Salon Studios in Toronto examining the ins and outs of client consultations.

Christopher and John covered many topics directly related to the importance and value of a consultation. They identified that this is an opportunity to get to know the client and to pose questions that are both relevant and very important for the customer's overall experience. It is crucial to ask the important questions, but …  the real key is to actually listen to the wants and needs of your client. In addition to clarifying these wants and needs, this also creates an incomparable opportunity to recommend additional services. This is where the stage is also set for educating your client on the importance of maintaining the service they are paying for in your salon with the benefits of using professional product between appointments.


Chris and John continue on talking about the importance of conveying

expectations to your clients about the frequency of visits back to the salon that they should consider for maintenance and how you need to be very clear on the financial commitment required by the client.


In summary these gentlemen stress that the consultation is ultimately as important as the service itself. It has to be comfortable, informative, and most importantly, professional.


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