Claiming Your Salon : Follow These Steps

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Claim Your Salon
The benefit to being active online is the exposure, awareness, and engagement that is possible to reach as many new customers as possible while staying top of mind for the customers already loyal to you. is dedicated to supporting the salons and professionals of the hair & beauty industry. A major distinction for our platform is the unique search option for the public to identify and search for salons by the services they offer and the products they use. In order for a salon to benefit from this unique search option, claim your salon on It is free if you choose and will enable you to elevate your position in search results, promote yourself through the services you offer, and the products you use and carry in your salon.
What to do
1. Create a free account ON OUR HOME PAGE
(to safeguard privacy & security)
3.Enter and find your salon
4. Click on the "Claim Salon" button
and follow the prompts
(see the diagrams below for a visual walk through)