How To Create A Google Ad

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Suggestion 1:  Determine:

a) Your Target Market(s): (see Module “The Secrets of Segmenting”).

b) Your Annual Marketing/Sales Goals: 2-3 goals to strive for (usually a branding goal, a revenue goal, a service goal).

c) Strategies and Tactics: specific actions you take to achieve your goals. Start slow and complete what you start.

Suggestion 2:   Your paid advertising and your website work together to create a uniform message.  PERIOD, FULL STOP. 

Suggestion 3:  At the end of the day the metrics/analytics that surface as the campaign progresses will point you in the next direction.

Suggestion 4:  Like Nike’s famous slogan “Just Do It”, the first time creating a paid advertising campaign is very daunting, but just do it. You will improve as you go along. 




Selecting campaign setting:

      Go to Google, click on the box with the nine tiny dots, and choose Google Ads.

      Enter company name and website.

      Go to the bottom of the page where it asks, "Are you a professional marketer?" And then beside click "switch to expert mode." (Full control over campaign)


Eight boxes will appear with different campaign goals:



      Website traffic

      Product and brand consideration

      Brand awareness and reach

      App promotion

      Local store visits and promotions

      Create a campaign without a goal's guidance


Select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance

(Full control over campaign)

Then select the campaign type, 8 campaign types will appear:

      Search (Shows near search results on google)

      Display (Run different kinds of ads across the Web)

      Video (Reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the Web)

      App (Drive app promotion across google networks)

      Smart (Reach your business goals with automated ads)

      Shopping (Promote your products with shopping ads)

      Local (Drive customers to a physical location)

      Discovery (Run ads on YouTube, Gmail, discover and more)


Select “Search” as your campaign type.

Select the results you want from this campaign:

      Website visits

      Phone calls

      App downloads


Select “Website visits” as the results you want for the campaign:

      Insert your website ( for example) URL.

      Campaign Settings- General Settings

      Campaign Name: "Search Campaign (MANEreviews)"


Networks: There will be two network options:

      Search Network- Deselect so that the Ad will only appear on the standard Google search engine

      Display Network - Deselect Network - avoid wasting money on useless clicks

      Click on "show more settings" on the left side of the page.

      Select the "start" and "end" dates you want the Ad to run.

      Estimated dates: Trial for Two -Three days (Jan 02- 24)

      Ad scheduling - Leave it 24hrs (Because of different time zones)


Targeting Audience:

      Select location

      ‘Canada and United States’



      Then select location targets:

      Presence or Insight (People in regularly in or who have shown interest in your target location (recommended)

      Presence: People in or regularly in your targeted locations

      Search Interest: People searching for your targeted areas.

      Then select presence or interest.



      Presence: People in your excluded locations (recommended)

      Presence of interest: People in regularly in or who've shown interest in your excluded locations

      Then select presence.



      Select English


Audiences: Search to see if the following is available:





      Medical Spa

      Beauty Industry






      Select Currency (Canadian currency- CAD).

      The average daily cost is $30.00 - recommended ( Google will try to find the best times to show the Ad, which may result in more than $10 being spent a day or sometimes it may be less.).



      What do you want to focus on?



      This determines the cost per click.

      The average cost-per-click (CPC) on Google Ads is $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network and less than $1 for the Google Display Network. Generally, small-to-midsized companies will spend $9000 to $10,000 per month on Google Ads, including additional costs, like software.

      The minimum bid is $0.10, and the max CPC is $1.00

      For this trial Ad, our maximum budget will be $10, and our bid is $0.10 (CPC)

      $10 X 3 days = $30 ≠ 0.10 = 300 views (Estimate because they can use or less money)

*NOTE: These results may vary due to keywords popularity rates on certain days. These rates may also change if you choose to pause your AD or not. 

Ad Extensions:

      Make your ad more significant, take up more space in google search results in higher click-through rate increases the quality score of the Ad. Having a high-quality score lowers the price you have to pay for each click. ( recommended)

      Add social handle links:





      Click Save and Continue, move to step 3

Use Google Ads Extensions to Prequalify Traffic and Maximize your Budget: 
You should use Google Ad extensions to prequalify your traffic because they can increase CTR (Click Through Rate) by a significant percentage and gives users more information upfront. It saves your budget and helps your quality score. 



      Set up Ad groups

      Ad group name type: Standard

      Ad group name: something relevant to you ('My Potential Customers")



      Match types: Keyword = broad match, “Keyword” = phrase match, [Keyword] = exact match

      Define keyword matches by putting keywords in brackets for an exact match, but also use phrase match and broad match by using the plus side. We want to target all viewers, so use all keyword match types to help control which searches trigger your Ads.



      [Meet the team], "Meet the Team", + team

      [Grow your salon business], "Grow your salon business", + salon, + business

      [Marketing], “Marketing”, + marketing

      [Salon], “Salon”, + salon

      [Investement], “Investment”, + Investment

      [Increase revenue], “Increase revenue”, + Increase, + revenue

      Save and click continue.



 Create Ad: 

  Text Ad:

      Final URL =

      (Headlines must be 30 characters or less)

      Headline 1: Grow your business in 2022?

      Headline 2: Expand book of business

      Headline 3: Increase revenue


Display Path:

      Up to 90 characters.

      Insert keywords like "MANEreviews"


Path 1: An example to follow. In this case ‘MANEreviews’ (sample)

Description 1: Is growing your business one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Description 2: Join us at MANEreviews to change the course of your salon or suite today!


On the right side of the screen, you will see two preview options of the Ad:

      First view: Mobile preview

      Second view: Desktop preview

      Hit 'done,' scroll to the bottom and click and 'save and continue' to go to step four.

(*Note: there is an option to create three different Ads per Ad group

to find the best AD that works best for keywords.)



Billing: A credit card is required (payment set up for Google)



  1. Go on Google ads
  2. Select campaign settings
  3. Insert networks
  4. Create audience
  5. Choose a location/area.
  6. Choose a budget plan or enter your budget.
  7. Insert ad extensions
  8. Create ad groups
  9. Create ad
  10. Choose what you want the ad to say line by line. "Is growing your business one of your new year resolutions?
  11. Choose keywords (7-10 best). Examples: Grow your salon, claim your salon, meet the team, grow your business. Also use hashtags such as #growth, #investment, #marketing, #team.
  12. Google creates the ad thumbnail- select either desktop or mobile.
  13. Billing