How To Use Google Drive - a Guide from

A Step by Step Guide

Step 1 - Login into Google Account:

-       Open Google Chrome or Safari (whichever web browser you use/have, although Google Chrome makes things easier)

-       Search ‘Google Drive’ in the search bar

-       Select the first link that appears - ‘Cloud storage for work and home - Google Drive’

-       If you aren’t signed into your Google account (Gmail), you must log in with your Gmail account Info (Ex: Email and Password)

-       Once you’ve clicked that link, this page will appear ->


-       Select ‘Go to Drive’->


Step 2 - After logging in:

After selecting ‘Go to Drive,’ this page will appear -

-       Now you can start creating folders to keep your files more organized (highly recommended)


Step 3 - Composing folders:

-       On the top left-hand corner, there will be an oval-shaped button that says ‘+ New’

-       Select the button that says ‘+ New’

-       This drop-down menu will appear with several options ->


-       Select the first option that says ‘Folder’ (that shows an icon with a folder and a + sign inside)

-       A box will appear that says ‘New folder’ requesting that you give the Folder a title/name (highly recommend - Ex: Content folder)

-       After naming your folder, hit the blue button that says ‘Create’

-       Your folder will now appear and permanently live (until you remove it) on your ‘My Drive’ page ->


Step 4 - Uploading into folders:

-       After creating your new folder, you may now begin uploading files into the folder

-       Double click on your folder (this will take you into the folder)

-       This page will appear ->


- You now have two options/ways to upload files into this folder

- 1st approach: Right-click anywhere in the folder, and this drop-down menu with appear->


-       You will then click the second option that appears, ‘File Upload’ (that shows an icon with a sheet of paper with an arrow ↑ inside)

-       This option will then force open your ‘Finder’ from your laptop/desktop where your downloads and documents live (‘Finder’ is the name for Apple, ‘This PC’ for Windows)

-       There you locate what file you would like to upload into your Google Drive folder

-       2nd approach: Open your ‘Finder’ (‘Finder’ is the name for Apple, ‘This PC’ for Windows) on your laptop/desktop

-       Then drag and drop the file you would like to upload into your Google Drive folder


Step 5 - Options available after uploading:

-       Once you’ve finished uploading your files into your folder, you’ll have more options to choose from on the next steps that can be taken with this folder or the contents within the folder

To see the next steps for your folder - Right-click on your folder (Ex: ‘Content folder’) ->

My Drive   >    Content Folder   

-       Then a drop-down menu will appear ->


-       To see the next steps for your files- Right-click on the file you’d like (Ex: ‘file.png’) ->

-       You can do whatever you’d like with these options available


Step 6 - Sharing your folder/files with other parties:

-       Once you’ve uploaded files into your folder, you can now share them with others

-       To share a folder/file, repeat the previous step #5 to access the drop-down menu

-       Once that drop-down menu appears, you can select ‘Share’ or ‘Get link’

-       When you select ‘Share’ - you have the option to share access by sending them an email

-       When you select ‘Get link’ - you have the option to copy the link that is associated with the folder/file


Step 7 - Access controls:

-       Before sharing the folder/file, make sure to change this setting from ‘Restricted’ to ‘Anyone with this link’ (If you don’t, people will have to request access every time)->


-       When sharing folders/files, you have the option to control the type of access another person may have with said folder/file.

-       There are 3 options: Viewer: People can view, but can't change or share the file with others. Commenter: People can make comments and suggestions, but can't change or share the file with others. Editor: People can make changes, accept or reject suggestions, and share the file with others.


Step 8 - Accessing shared folders/files sent to you:

-       Since you have the option to share folders/files, you also have the option to access other folders/files people have shared with you

-       If someone sends you the folder/file by email, you can click ‘Access folder/file’ on the email that is sent to you.

-       If someone sends you the folder/file via a link, you can click the link and it will take you directly there.

-       To locate your shared folders/files after you’ve already accepted it, you will find the option ‘Shared with me’ on your left-hand side (that shows an icon of 2 people)->


-       In the ‘Shared with me’ tab, you will find all folders/files that have been shared with you.


Step 9 - Starred folders/files:

-       When your Google Drive starts to get full (multiple folders/files created after a certain amount of time), you have the option to ‘Star’ important folders/files

-       To ‘Star’ a folder/file, right-click the folder/file and this drop-down menu will appear ->


Step 10 - Trash:

-       You have the option to remove any folders/files you may no longer need/want

-       Items in ‘Trash’ are deleted forever after 30 days

-       Right-click on whatever folder/file you’d like to delete and a drop-down menu will appear, then select ‘Remove’ (that shows an icon of a trash can) ->