Instagram is a versatile app that allows you to connect with your current clientele and locate your dream clients/followers. There are several different ways, whether you are a boutique salon, a chain of salons, a salon suite, a salon tenant or a home-based salon, this outreach should be considered to grow your hair salon business. But how important is Instagram to find new hair clients? Read more to learn ↓

What is 'outreach' on Instagram?

-       A general description of outreach (in marketing/advertising terms) means to seek out individuals or organizations that may have a similar interest in what your company offers. So, you’re essentially showcasing your work to different audiences and trying to build relationships with your current and dream clients.

Why do 'outreach'?

-       If you’ve decided that social media is an important tactic to grow your new hair clients, doing outreach on Instagram is a key component of  your social media presence. You can build relationships with current and dream clients, which from there helps connect you to a larger audience. So, you’re essentially exposing your salon profile to new accounts.

-       It’s a free form of advertising your salon business.

When to do 'outreach'?

-       To avoid being shadowbanned (meaning the algorithm is hiding your content from getting the exposure it deserves), it is recommended to do 30-60 minutes of outreach a day.

-       Try to reach out at times when you know more people are online (EX: mornings 7-9 AM, afternoons 12-1 PM or evenings from 5-7 PM).  Your Instagram Analytics will tell you the most popular times for you to be online relative to who you want to reach

-       When days of outreach are skipped, account engagement is low and therefore causes your account to have low impressions (which could lead to shadowbanning).

Type of followers:

-       There are three main types of followers: Dream or potential clients, current clients, supporters/fans (family, friends, and random strangers you’ve formed connections with over the internet)

How to do 'outreach'?

-       Instagram provides several different ways to outreach with your dream and current followers. (Examples provided below ↓)

-        Follows: An Instagram follower is a user who follows your account and is able to see, like, and comment on anything you post to your profile. Following accounts that appeal to you, shows your values and interests (and can be relatable with current/potential followers). A word of caution, that also works in reverse. Only follow reputable, professional accounts.

-       Likes: ‘Likes’ indicate that someone has seen your picture or video and appreciates the content (for whatever reason). Liking the work of other account, lets them know you’ve taken interest in their content and you have sent your approval.

-       Comments: ‘Comments’ is one of the two ways people engage with the content they see on Instagram (The other option is to like the post). Comments are often a more sought-after form of engagement. This is another way to send approval/praise to current or potential followers.

  Direct Messages: Direct Messages lets you send messages to one or more people. These messages can include text, photos or videos. You can also send other posts or stories shared by your account or posts from other accounts. This is another way to send approval/praise to current or potential followers.

-       Stories: A feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story. Not only are you able to share your content but also other accounts. This includes re-sharing content from other accounts. They appreciate the additional exposure and you benefit as well. This helps you form better connections among other accounts. (Highly recommended)

-       Tags: The act of creating a “tag” on Instagram, is when a person attaches another account to the post. This feature is a convenient way for individuals and businesses to expand the reach of a message or photo.


Like all social channels, their free features are plentiful and available to all social media marketers, yet, similar to hair clients, where, no two clients are alike, there are no two marketers who deploy the same tactics with the same frequency and intent to grow their hair salon business. 


Still, if you remain loyal to implementing as much of this outreach that makes sense for you, then expect to see benefits using Instagram to grow your salon business, to find new hair clients and to keep in touch with your existing clientele.

Disclaimer: Details related to search, site features, channel features, analytics, programs, processes etc. in the online world, have a knack of changing at a moment’s notice.  Although MANEreviews attempts to keep current with our DIY Marketing material so it continues to be relevant to you, we are not held responsible for discrepancies that may result from unexpected changes by the browsers or the social channels.  We encourage you to help us help others in sending us a note to and flag the discrepancy.

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