Introducing "Check Up & Check In" - a surefire approach to upselling services

Introducing Check Up & Check In - a surefire approach to upselling services
Do you sometimes find that you or your staff are hesitant to introduce a new product or service during an appointment?
Do you sometimes find that your clients appear a touch hesitant or reluctant to embracing a new service or product?
Our surveys have revealed that many hair and beauty professionals are reluctant to introduce a new service or product to a client during an appointment for fear of appearing pushy or coming across as "selling". Furthermore, many clients, regardless of how well they know the person serving them, can be a bit reticent in taking on something new, right then and there, during an appointment. In addition, they can feel a bit obligated and that can lead to some level of discomfort.
So what happens...many a professional remains silent rather than possibly offend, and many a client loses out experiencing a true benefit.
We at offer a surefire approach to introducing services and products to your clients that will deliver results, if not immediately, soon after.
Welcome to "Check Up & Check In"
The surefire way to upsell clients on new services and products is to inform, educate, and inquire of them BEFORE their next appointment. How often have you noticed during a current appointment that your client would really benefit from this new service or that new product? The key then is to propose what you have in mind for them BEFORE they return to your chair.
At we provide the complete apparatus that enables you to engage directly with your client through text or email between the time they make their next appointment and when they arrive for it. The system is set up to support and customize your message as well as record your clients' preferences. Imagine it this way; your client books their next appointment, you realize they would benefit from a particular scalp treatment, "Check Up & Check In" informs and offers your client the additional option, your client asks friends or goes on the internet whether your idea is a good one (without any sense of obligation), and when they are ready, they reply to you with a "yes" or a "no". Either way you win because that client will either take your suggestion or will most certainly ask about it during their appointment. And we all know how much easier it is to do something "new" for a client when the client brings it up themselves.
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