MANEreviews Lead Generation Appointment Program - Dream clients for Hair Salons and Suites

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Build Your Business | Filling Salon Chairs With Repeat Clients

How WE can help YOU?

Everyday there are people looking for a new hairstylist.
They find them in hair salons or in salon suites.
Why not be the hair salon or salon suite they find?
What we do is scour the landscape to identify those people for you.
We qualify and confirm the appointment with you.
And you now have a new customer to foster and develop into a
long term and loyal repeat client appreciating the work you do!

Lead Generation Appointment Program

Step 1.  The Start
  • MANEreviews practises what we preach and promotes your salon to those dream clients searching in your market area
  • we use a combination of organic and paid search vehicles including social media, digital platforms, and advertising
Step 2.  The Courtship
  • potential clients make themselves known through our various gathering techniques including the MANEreviews Advanced Search option
  • we qualify appointment details with those clients that have stepped forward and expressed an interest in a specific location like yours
Step 3.  The Appointment
  • we then reach out to you to confirm appointment availability, your interest in the new client, and the small fee we will be charging the client for making this first appointment
  • the appointment is then confirmed and the client is charged for the appointment booking. The client then shows up for the appointment and you perform your magic. When it comes time for the client to pay their bill remember that you are obligated to deduct the small fee for booking the appointment from the bill
Step 4.  The Repeat Appointment
  • at this point the customer is yours to book a repeat appointment as you would with any of your clients
  • you have no further cost obligation to MANEreviews for this client's future appointments
  • and we continue to work diligently on your behalf to send you your next new client
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