Mortgage Payment Haircut: A feature

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Mortgage Payment Haircut: A feature
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Those of us at MANEreviews consider this instalment provocative and close to home. What's your view on the state of hair salons today, of attitude versus talent, of understated versus high gloss. Everyone's hair stylist is usually a coveted relationship, yet is everything that happens at the salon fair game?
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I’m hearing that the ladies are finished laying out what feels like a mortgage payment to get their hair done.

I’m prefacing this blogpost not to include those that have engaged in DIY perms, hair colours or other jackass activities that required a salon to bail them out. Nor am I referencing the salons offering an embellished experience beyond their regular services. I’m speaking about the blue-chip salons suddenly introducing cancellation fees while maintaining reasonably high prices for routine services like colours, and cuts. An action that will become unsustainable in this shifting market with changing economics, on both sides.  For the ladies, changing incomes and retirement. For the salons, higher operating costs.

Hair salons are now expanding to capture the rising trend in men’s cuts, beards and colours, citing that men can be easier and less demanding. I don’t think that’s true especially with all the new coiffed places sprouting up for them. Meanwhile, many men are either going longer with their hair or engaging in art directed buzz cuts alongside precision facial hair grooming. What I don’t understand is during a time of gender neutrality why that sensibility isn’t being reflected in the prices. Short hair on a woman is priced higher than on a man. The same is true when it comes to colour. Women are consistently charged more for the same services. At our age, luxury has a new paired down appearance based on simplicity, convenience and quiet elegance. This intention is on par with the men, but the inequity of pricing continues to exist for the same services. In some cases, costing a payment a loan shark might otherwise expect.
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