Political Correctness: A whatwereyouthinking.ca feature

Political Correctness:  A whatwereyouthinking.ca feature
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In this piece Djanka addresses a timely and possibly universal subject;  who we are, how we communicate with each other, and how we treat each other. And those activities are being sorely tested these days with possible dire outcomes.
Speaking from the heart, manners and politeness, and love are the building blocks for all of us to get to a point where we all can understand and respect each other - all of which will enable us, whether we agree or disagree with another's culture or point of view, to answer Rodney King's all encompassing question, "Can't we all just get along?" 
Have a good read....5 minutes tops. Enjoy
I grew up in a noisy Eastern European family that only knew spirited discussions around the dinner table.  Our relatives would debate over a spread filled with food and drink. The tone was loud to compete with the lively conversations happening simultaneously. Once the night was over, everyone would hug, kiss and part ways until the next time. No one internalized what was spoken during the heated discussions that transpired throughout the evening. There was no hypersensitivity to anything, only rigorous debate. Political Correctness didn’t exist. If someone was offended, it was their problem in how they heard or processed the exchange. Curiously no one ever was. When speaking with compassion, we naturally pull on language that the speaker and listener are cognizant too.
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