The Definitive Checklist for Salons and Social Media

The Definitive Checklist for Salons and Social Media
Social Media Explained
What It Takes
To Make It Work For You
Does this scenario sound familiar:
Your salon has a Facebook account. Your salon has an Instagram account. And you have a website and reviews on Google....doesn't everyone, you ask? Then again, how often do you post on Facebook and Instagram? Who does the posting? And are your website and social media accounts connected to each other?
If you are like many many salons, the short answer is that content gets posted sporadically by whomever is available to do it and neither the social media accounts nor the website feed each other.
Ask yourself this question, if you need an assistant in the salon to handle a variety of support tasks, do you hire someone? If you need someone at reception to handle your clients, your bookings, your admin; do you hire someone? Yet is it fair to say that you want more out of social media and you want your social media to impact and benefit your business, yet have you considered hiring someone, the same as you would an assistant or receptionist.
Many times though, before hiring someone, it is important to understand who you're looking to hire, why you're hiring them, and what results do you expect to see as a result of making that hire. And don't even get started on "Pay to Play" with paid ads online until you have your house in order, know your objectives, and have worked through every 'free' option available to you.
At we offer a consultation and a program tailored to your situation, your interests, your budget, and most important, your willingness and commitment level; all geared to provide the understanding you seek and a course of action you can embrace.
An overview of what there is to consider when interested in embracing a social media plan that delivers results for your salon and your business includes:
  • Doing a social media audit of your current practises including some of these
  1. your branding page for graphics, style, consistency
  2. use of brand logos, layout and design
  3. a welcome tab or video for new visitors
  4. what plugins are in use or should be in use
  5. when are you posting, when should you be posting
  6. Google alerts and other cross channel activity
  7. use of hashtags along with a strategic plan
  8. opt-in messaging or giveaways
  9. geo-tagging your photo and video posts
  10. keyword tracking and regular analytics reviews
  • creating a consistent look and feel to your posts
  • establishing an editorial calendar for timing, stories and content
  • identify potential brand ambassadors
  • integrate website and social media activity comprehensively
  • daily check - ins across all accounts and sites
There are two core principles for anyone wishing to achieve success online and through social media; commitment and planning. Commitment for consistency and effective execution. Planning for establishing a destination point, objectives, and benchmarks to ensure getting where you want to go and seeing an ROI (return on investment).
For a conversation to explore options or understand social media further, feel free to contact:
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