The Mini Terrorists: A feature

The Mini Terrorists:  A feature
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This time around Djanka takes us through a rollicking roller-coaster of emotions, discoveries, and unwitting experiences that all of us can relate to. The men maybe not so much but the insights are priceless and a window to a world we all experience one way or another but others never see.
Have a good read....5 minutes tops. Enjoy

I’ve been kidnapped and held hostage. My perpetrator’s names? Hormones.

They are erratic in their behaviour, and often I’m incarcerated in their madness. On a rare occasion, these mini terrorists appear to be sensible, which is when I plan my escape, but it never lasts. These ruthless monsters are infiltrating the door to my mind and body. My soul busy, trying to hold down the fort like Jon Snow on the Night’s Watch. They have already trampled on my emotions, which are screaming for me to run for my life, but I can’t escape.

Somedays they have me weeping profusely. Losing an assertiveness, I spent a lifetime establishing. Other days they provoke me to become a dark Terminator, not thinking twice as I flip the bird to the perceived sinister black car honking behind me. Momentarily insane, I’m ready to rip open the car door screaming, “what’s your problem?” Terror in their faces, the blacks of my eyes, gazing at them menacingly while they race to roll up their windows. Their appearance as pale as fresh snow as they stare into the insanity of a hormonally enraged middle-aged woman. Able to go from zero to bitch in two seconds, appearing either emotionally unstable or entirely intact. Possessing personality traits that only Sybil could identify. My family, afraid. These perpetrators have somehow trained me to become one of them.

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