We Know You Want To Say Something....

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We are always looking for ways
to promote you and your business! 
We at MANEreviews want to give you an opportunity to showcase some of your creative skills and ideas!  If you have claimed your salon on MANEreviews.com (for Free or Pro Plan), you have already taken the first step ....now let us show you how we can give your business better exposure and traffic on your site.  Send us some up to date photos, stories, anecdotes, or articles to post on the MINDSHAIR Bulletin Board by October 31st, 2020.  Once we receive content from you, we will help you take advantage of one of our many services. See below and decide which campaign will help you NOW to get " More Bums in Seats & Money in the Till" !!!

All content we receive makes you eligible for a FREE complimentary campaign, and this includes any one of the following:
 1)  Boost your client reviews (on Google too)
         and take advantage of a "Review request campaign"
 2)  Broadcast your "Services" with a text and email campaign
 3)  Boost your "Retail Sales" with a text and email campaign
 4)  Tap into what your clients want with a "Customized Survey"

All submissions need to go to John Doucette
at john.doucette@MANEreviews.com
or call (647) 980 - 7339
for more information