Why It Works

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Why It Works
You are passionate about hair. You are creative and talented. You do great work. Your staff is a great team. and then there's the business side of the business. Sometimes all you want to do is cut hair. But the business does not run itself. MANEreviews.com through reviews, ratings, features, and profiles enable you to put your best foot forward to be seen by people who don't know you yet. But the story does not stop there.....
Our MANEreviews Business Development section is geared to providing you tools, tips, tricks, articles, and lessons specializing in what it takes to run a vibrant, productive, and profitable salon. And we go one step further....if you want one on one counseling, we provide that too.
To Find You is to Know You
Anyone might find your location and phone number somewhere online. But what does that tell them about you. Tell the whole story. Include your services, the lines you carry, your Instagram posts, your staff. The reviews and ratings will round out a compelling story and drive more people to visit you, to book you.
To Know You is to Trust You
Showcase your work. Showcase your staff. Showcase your product lines and include your own reviews and ratings on the products that bring about your clients' rave reviews. Your client and prospective customers want to know about you and your staff. And when they know you and post their ratings and reviews - that's engagement!
To Trust You is to Tell Others
You know you are a success when all of your customers can't wait to tell everyone they know about you, your staff, your salon. Turn followers into advocates. Turn customers into crusaders. Turn everyone into promoters. From reviews and ratings to business development and promotion, MANEreviews.com is committed to you succeeding.