Yvonne Pine of Hair Illusions at Salons by JC

John Doucette
talks with Yvonne Pine
about the unique work she does to create
the illusion of hair with thousands of tattoos
John Doucette, Development Executive with MANEreviews.com, spends a fair amount of time (30 minutes) with Yvonne Pine of Hair Illusions at Salons by JC in Toronto exploring the unique and important impact her work contributes to the self image and self esteem of her clients.

The service that Yvonne provides is new and innovative. As a result it is still being discovered by many, but once found, the Illusions experience brings great happiness to her clients . The name of Yvonne’s business says it all. The procedure she performs on her clients gives the illusion of hair that looks like stubble and that will grow back after the head has been shaved. The procedure is available for both women and men alike.


In speaking with one of Yvonne’s clients, John learned that this service is not only the physical experience, but is also a very emotional experience as well. It was explained to me that men that are either losing or have lost their hair suffer from self esteem issues. This process instills enhanced self confidence and results in a better quality of life.


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