E - Commerce: How To Grow Your Business

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”Bums In Seats, Money In The Till”

MANEreviews is hairstylists and educators

committed to making you money and

making sure the world knows of your success!


The Offer:

1.3 Months (12 weeks)
2.Delivering Google Reviews, and
3.Executing Personalized Campaigns
4.$100 (plus applicable taxes)

Google Reviews:

1.From your past appointments we obtain reviews posted directly to Google
2.For most salons we generate about 30 reviews a month
3.Our review program empowers your clients to add reviews to your social media as well

Personalized Campaigns: Your choice of…

1.Message Campaigns:  6 text/email campaigns over 12 weeks
Custom crafted to appear from you to your client base
2.Social Media Campaign:  2 social media posts per week for 12 weeks
Includes Facebook and Instagram
3.Shopping Cart and Promo Campaign:
3 text/email support campaigns to profile and promote your cart
Bundles, products, and promos (up to 50 listings to start)
No additional fees, you retain 100% of  cart revenue
If there is one lesson that has come out of the Covid pandemic, it is the necessity to grow your business leveraging the loyalty and trust of your clients when it comes to purchasing your products online!
What if you could take your product knowledge and pair that with the relationship you have with your clients and make you more money?
Try this on for size...
Take any group of products your clients should use that you would recommend.
Or group some products you have inventory of that hasn't moved off the shelf.
Either way, put a special price on the package and if you could make one phone call and have your complete shopping cart assembled for you online, have the package promoted to your clientele, and you keep 100% of the sales - would you?
That is what we do for our clients at MANEreviews.com
If on the other hand you've been thinking about e-commerce and want to do it on your own, then have a look through this article below for information on the subject that we have assembled to assist you. 
If you'd like to start making money online and grow your business by the end of the week;
call Martin White at (416) 726 - 7435
The Do's and Don'ts of E-Commerce for Hair & Beauty
What platform is your website built on
  1. If it is built using Joomla or Wordpress, it is possible to ‘plug in’ an e-commerce option, such as.....woopress , or woocommerce etc....  
  2.  Build an additional E-commerce website


  • ●  instead of having to transfer over your site, there is an option to create a new site with the same branding that has a better product display and easy accessibility.

  • ●  Allow to easily connect to facebook store so that facebook store links to ecommerce website

  • ●  Woocommerce also connects to facebook store


Pros and cons of just having a Facebook Page:


  • Free
  • Good if you are only selling a few products

  • Payment options are Paypal and Stripe

  • Can sync directly with online store

  • Easy to set up

  • Get a larger customer base and ease of management

  • Cons:

  •    Have to manually manage orders, and this can be time-consuming if you move a lot of product.

  •   Plug - ins to customize the page 
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