MANEreviews Business Recovery & Growth Program...

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Business Recovery & Growth Programs

How to Ensure Growth in Revenue and Clients

“Bums In Seats, Money In The Till”

MANEreviews is hairstylists and educators committed

to making you money and making sure the world knows of your success!


The Start: Free No Obligation 45 Minute Consultation

  1. Your Areas of Concern

  2. Arriving at Your Goals and Objectives

  3. Review of Your Products and Services

  4. Your Book of Business and Client Retention

  5. Grow Your Business

The Offer:

  1. Consultation leads to a customized action plan

  2. Plan reviewed for commitment covering 3 months (12 weeks)

  3. Plan includes bi-weekly 30-minute follow-up coaching calls

  4. Cost:  $249 (plus 2 months free of MANEreviews Pro Plan with commitment)

What’s Included:

  1. How To Increase Service Sales

  2. Pricing Structure
    •  Benefits of “Added Value”
    • Review of Current Prices
  3. A LA Carte Vs. Bundled Services

  4. Staff Reviews / Recruitment

  5. Marketing Campaigns

  6. Improving on Fixed Costs

  7. Revenue Review:  Are You Getting the Most Out of What You Do?

  8. Innovation:  Making The Most of Today’s Opportunities




Call or Text:  (416) 726 -7435