Suite or Salon - A Pre - Opening Program


Pre-Opening Program

Setting Up our Opening Day for Success

Our team of dedicated industry experts

has been where you are – many times over.

Opening a Suite is a unique experience.

Opening one successfully takes teamwork.



  1. That whether you are opening in 24 hours, 24 days, or 24 weeks, opening with a plan and with confidence attracts customers and yields success

  2. That in working together, opening day will arrive with these building blocks in place for YOUR success:

  • A proven, effective Marketing Plan

  • A plan to increase your Book of Business

  • And proven Sources of Revenue


  1. Start with an in-depth consultation to determine YOUR priorities, goals, and preferences.

  2. We then develop a critical path and plan for opening

  • To establish a formidable client list

  • To determine what marketing and communications will work best for YOU

  • To review and set up YOUR social media strategy

  • To formulate services, products, pricing, and policy strategies in line with your vision and goals


  1. Contact us

  2. So we can get to know You and Your business

  3. So you can get to know us and determine for yourself that we are the real deal and can help

  4. This part is free and no obligation



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