Top 10 Hair Salon Web Marketing Ideas Guide


What is the best way to find your new hair salon clients?  You know how important this is, especially when it seems as though the best hair salon marketing ideas you’ve used aren’t generating any or enough calls, online appointments, or Instagram followers.  You sense there is room for improvement. However, If you are pleased with your results, STOP, don’t read any further.


If you feel there is room for improvement, do you continue in your same pattern with your own hair marketing ideas? Do you step back and create a hair salon marketing plan? Or do you turn your marketing over to a small marketing agency?


Whatever your answer, here is a Hair Salon Web Marketing Ideas Guide that you can implement (a “Do It Yourself” or “DIY”), or you can turnover to a marketing agency to implement for you., the authors of this guide can help you grow your hair salon business. If you are DIY-ing it, still reach out to us for a second opinion.


Our business is marketing for hair salons in a techy world, so this Hair Salon Web Marketing Ideas Guide for finding new clients for your salon, is based on client feedback to us based on their experience using our online hair salon marketing communications plans and programs.  You must, however, have the physical attributes of convenient and accessible location, a welcoming hair salon atmosphere and high standards of service or the Ideas Guide is not the go to solution.  First make improvements to the physical space and services you offer based on the clients you wish to attract. This last point is the point of entry to building your business.  It’s so important we’ve had to make this the first of 10 hair salon ideas, even if it’s an offline idea.    


Hair Salon Idea 1) Your Hair Salon must be a great place to be

The best thing you can do is create a great customer experience.  You want a welcoming experience, not just in your opinion, but in the eyes of your loyal hair clients and dream clients.  When clients are in your chair, ask them what could be improved for an even better welcoming experience.  What they want, others in your target group want also. 


Next, ensure you hire friendly staff and personable hair stylists.  This means the ability to interact with strangers and that they arrive each work day ready to pass on their positive energy to others.  You can teach hair; you can’t teach social skills. If you ask us, we’ll prepare a check list.  Email us at:


Hair Salon Idea 2) Segmenting

This is helpful so that you will not find yourself being all things to all people.  You can’t, you are spread too thin.  You must decide who your target client is.  What are the factors?  Usually it is age, gender, income levels, possibly families, if you are targeting kids as well.   There are many more demographic factors, but we don’t see them playing out in your decisions.  There are also lifestyle factors, such as are you targeting celebrities to gain recognition, social influencers or are you interested in society women, or people who are prioritizing their beauty and looks.



This is very important to define before you start designing your web site.  You can’t be all things to all people, so what type of client will want your services and then it follows to understand what features are important to have on your web site.  Sometimes working backwards from what are you good at to who might want the hair services will help you in defining your target market.  Another word for this is called segmentation.  See “Secrets of Segmenting” in our DIY section on and CLICK HERE


Hair Salon Idea 3) Your Hair Salon Web Site must be a great place to be

What a visitor sees on your web site, such as pictures, content or interesting articles is defining you.  So, make sure the web site reflects what is you. Many web sites get run over by the Programmers and Design Specialists you’ve engaged who build out the site. This includes family members who are building out your site.  Don’t be silent with anyone doing the work.  Silence mean to those doing the work that you are pleased with each stage of development.  If you don’t share your views, the site will be their doing not yours.


Do your homework in advance by looking for sites you like.  They don’t have to be in the hair salon business.  But if you are a luxury provider of service, then you should look at luxury brands as it is more likely you will see features you like.  Move around these sites as a user, make a list of the features you like. Keep track of the URL of the sites you like, so that you can show the designers. Be more watchful in the earlier stages as this is where the fundamental designs and programming is done and you want to be able to reverse what you don’t like.  


When you site is finished, test it, move around it as a user, check the links, do they work, do they go to what was promised, is your appointment feature buried (hopefully you’ve caught this early).  Make sure it’s not more than a click away.  Check the introductory home page and its welcome message, does it talk to your passion on hair.   

Check out a DIY article “Managing a Website Build” and CLICK HERE 

If you want us to do a quick web site audit, complimentary, ask us.  Email us at


Hair Salon Idea 4) Marketing a hair salon online via the web, the free stuff

If you are a hair salon, you may be wondering how you can promote your business online.  There are a number of different ways you can do this, so it is hard to know where to start. Many people use the Internet to search for businesses like yours.  They search less on a computer or desktop these days and more through their cell phones, so firstly make sure your website looks good on all sizes of screens, it’s called screen responsive.  Your designer will understand, just make sure they do this as they are building out the website.  It is too late after.


Here are some of the free ideas. 


A hair salon is a local business, so local search techniques is your best place to start.  Make sure all the local online free listings have been populated, such as online or yelp.  Google Business Profile (or GBP) is also a free and powerful feature and, although cuts a larger swath, is a powerful marketing idea for local businesses.  Once created, it shows map locations of your hair salon, can show your front door, details on your opening days and times, your busy periods.  But the greatest feature, we think, is the real time ability to post about your current or pop up promotions to fill those appointment slots or events to bring the community together.  Putting the posts up and taking them down once they’ve expired is so simple 

Apple and Bing also have free listing, although not as robust, but you should still create those hair salon profiles as well.  Filling in these free listing also improves your searchability.  See our DIY article Google Business 2022 Guide on and CLICK HERE


Hair Salon Idea 5) Key words and phrases

Start thinking of phrases and keywords you think that searchers would use to find your hair salon.  Start creating a list if you have not.  Key words can also be hashtags in some cases, so this list will help with your search engine optimization for finding your hair salon on the web but it will also, when transformed to hashtags, will help grow your local awareness with users. 


Besides using the basic plans which are free for Google Suggest ( and Ubersuggest ( to prompt you, begin a list of keywords.  Think of all the phrases someone might use to find a hair salon or find a hair stylist.  You won’t think of them all at once, so keep notepaper handy, everywhere, in your car, on public transportation, walking, even near the shower.  You don’t know when as idea on a search term will strike.  Ask other stakeholders of your business, how might they search, ask your loyal hair clients how they might search.  Record the answers.  Multiple replies of the same search term should be added to your content to make the content keyword, search term rich.  Examples might be “hair salon on xxx street” or “hair salon at the corner of XX and XX”.  Others might be about your services “hair salon balayage near me”.  Keywords are not only used for organic search but used also within website content so browser crawlers can understand what your site is about. The crawlers look for search terms in content, so it gives you a better chance to be high on the user’s search results.


Maybe users are searching:

Hair salon near me

Hair salon with parking

Hair salon for celebrities

Best balayage in (name of city)

Master colorist in downtown (name of city) * this is only if you are located downtown


Hair Salon Idea 6) Writing your static and fresh content for your hair salon web site

Browsers need to understand what your website is.  They do this by learning.  They learn in a few ways.  Once you site is finished, your website designers/programmers provide an outline of all the pages to browsers, like Google Chrome.  They also describe each page of your web site called meta descriptors.  These descriptors are English words, but they are part of the code structure.  Someone should be designated to write the descriptions of each page.  Right click on “page source” and you will see how each page is described.  Note this is not the content, this is the description of the page in the backend coding.  Often times, unless you are very specific on how you wish the page description in the code, your designer/programmer will just put the first few words they see, which is usually the title to your page content, as a description and that is wrong. 


Secondly, make sure that what becomes your popular keywords are added to your static content and articles your write. We missed doing this ourselves in the earlier stages of our website build and we are madly trying to catch up on all the pages. 


Your writer(s) should have your list of keyword terms before they start.  If they know how to do this, they use as many as possible but without jeopardizing the natural flow of the article.  The key words are primarily placed in the title, subtitle, intro paragraph and concluding paragraph.  The keywords/phrases are part of the sentence structure.  If “growing my hair salon business is a key word then it may be contained in a sentence structure such as this EX. ”I have noticed in growing my hair salon business, that the …..”


Hair Salon Idea 7) Hashtags

Look over your list of keywords.  Keywords can also be hashtags if it makes sense.  But hashtags can’t always be keywords especially if you use the following hack. This hack is not related to your hair salon business, so it’s not a relevant keyword. It is related to your location however.  Any key attractions that are in this radius of your salon consider as a hashtag. People search by hashtags and although they may not be searching for something else but your salon comes up in the results, there is still a change they will remember your salon when they indeed need to search for hair services. To do this, what  popular venues are in the driving radius of your salon.  Example, everyone knows the Barclays centre in Brooklyn.  If your salon is within the radius of that venue, then use it as a hashtag #barcleycentre on your posts, same as a popular shopping centre if you are within that radius. If you are in a radius of a concert hall, use the concert hall and the entertainers that perform there.  This brings attention to your salon, even if the local searcher, at this moment, is not looking for hair services. 


Hair Salon Idea 8) Digital coupons

By offering your clients a digital coupon, you may be able to find sometimes that unexpected revenue.  The success of the coupon being redeemed is dependent on what it offers and when it is offered, of course.  Digital coupons are really easy to make and can be placed on your web site or emailed out to your list of loyal clients and/or to dream clients to encourage them to try your hair salon services or new hair services you are introducing. Note: If you do a discount on the coupons, do only in off peak periods, in the year, in the week or in the day parts. You want incremental revenue, revenue you would not routinely receive when you use this idea.  You do not want to provide digital coupons with discounts during a demand time, you are cutting into your revenue potential.  Use this idea for times you need the business. 


Hair Salon Idea 9) Dream Client List for online solicitation

These are ones you don’t have and probably you don’t have the time to find them.  Can you put a prompt on your web site that encourages sign up for more information, et voila the start of your list of dream clients to reach out to, maybe with your digital coupon?  


Hair Salon Idea 10) Understand the Digital Flow

Here we want to give you a holistic view of how important your web site is and the drivers of traffic, we call outliers, to the site. This a called the Digital Flow, these are the marketing enablers that drive traffic to your site.  Use what you need at your stage of growth and prioritize based on what resources you have (money and people to do the work).  Your business will change over time and you will learn which outliers work best for you. See our DIY article “Digital Flow” at  and CLICK HERE


We hope you will be able to gain some insight and additional knowledge on how to find new hair salon client and how to grow your hair salon business.