Why Join MANEreviews




MANEreviews.com is as the name suggests, all kinds of reviews

coming from customers and hair industry professionals. The

definitive source for the public and those in the industry to see,

hear, and read what people are thinking, what they are

experiencing, and what they like and don't like. 

For the salon owner, MANEreviews.com is so much more. By

“claiming” your business, you open doors to elevating search

results for your salon along with accessing a library of business

development materials virtually guaranteed to increase your

revenue, motivate staff, and increase your customer base. And

once you experience the full array of what ManeReviews has to offer,

you may choose to experience one on one coaching designed to

address your specific needs towards growing your salon business.


Increasing Customers

Helpful reviews, hints and articles

  • managing your social media
  • Instagram to a wider audience
  • managing internet communications
  • developing a database
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Increasing Revenue

Things to do, things to try

  • e-commerce options
  • special promotions
  • exclusive products
  • money management 

Business Development

Sage advice, effective counseling

  • best practice articles
  • webinars (live and recorded)
  • one on one counseling
  • staffing best practices