MANEreviews 101 - General Information and Getting Started

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 Getting Acquainted and Getting Started
Here are links and references that underscore ways that is committed to "putting bums in seats and money in the till" for businesses in the hair and beauty industry.
  1. Our MANEeviews MANE Menu Marketing Program is a 4 course approach to supporting your business. Click here for a look at the program
  2. Our Mindshair Bulletin Board is a blog platform available to you to promote, profile, and inform as best suits your business. Click here for a look at a sample
  3. Introducing our innovative "Check Up & Check In" program designed to facilitate client conversations unobtrusively while potentially upselling services and products BEFORE your client's next appointment. Click here for a description of the program.
  4. Claiming your business on MANEreviews helps to elevate your profile online and provides access to all the tools associated with Click here for guidance on locating your listing and claiming it
  5. For businesses without a website, we provide a professionally designed mobile optimized site. Email for more information
  6. Every salon is accorded an initial no charge 45 minute consultation to craft a customized MANEreviews solution virtually guaranteed to grow and develop your business. Email to schedule. John is a 30 year industry expert who will challenge you to ask a question he has no answer for.
  7. Click here for a look at our growing library of interviews with hair and beauty industry owners
  8. Click here for a look at our growing library of Monday Webinars